Try extraordinary and new destination for your corporate event

Going to Georgia with the whole team – is one of the best actions that could be taken by your company. Team-building, destination conference or a high-level meeting – all of these can be turned into an exciting adventure, filled with unbelievable positive emotions and memories. 

Corporate events

Better of all Georgians now how to celebrate! Making from you celebration an enchanting spectacle of taste, music, dancing and joy is possible only in Georgia. Fill you glasses with wine made after the 8000 years technology, delight your eyes and ears with a real show from mountain dance masters and the owners of UNESCO world heritage title – Georgian poliphonic singing.

Local cusine

Some of our guest will say this part is the most important, sure, why not? There is vast varieties from furshet to a full course option for your team, our experienced chefs knows how to make guest happy 😉

expert service

We are an experts in terms of service, when you need to professionaly decorate your event, prepare a special gifts for your team members or any other extra option, just let us know, we are always happy to help in a best way possible.

best locations

Georgia is a small country, but it definately rich with a beatufull locations. Imagine your team event at Ancient Castle or a Famous Vinemaking Factory, Mountains or even a Seaside, your team will definately remember that experience!

Our clients

Teambuildings & Quests

Teambuilding is a great activity to improve productivity for your team, it also helps to increase motivation and collaboration, while the key benefit of a properly planned team building activity is improved communication between employees.

 Enjoyable, fun activities enable employees to get to know each other, create a better understanding of each other and break down walls of mistrust by encouraging people to focus on what they have in common rather than their differences.

Take a look at our most popular options:

This game has 4 main locations, all are within old city part and includes masterclass where your team will get new culinary skills.

Our guests will get their hands dirty making Georgian signature dishes: Khinkali and Khachapuri.

Average Quest duration – 4 hours.

Good for 10 to 30 participants.

This is an entertainment adventure game taking its part at historical Tbilisi center.

Your team will split into groups and in order to win they will need to perform quick and smart, finding solutions for a non-standard situations, solve intellectual quests and use the team spirit a lot.

Average quest duration is 1.5 hours.

Good for 10 to 200 people.

Room 33 is a really detailed decorations, true atmosphere of Soviet Era where your team will need to use logic to find out what happened to an owner of a room.

Average Quest duration – 1 hour.

Good for 2 to 5 players.

Destination Conference

What do think about turning your professional sphere annual meeting into an unforgettable event? Come to Georgia and every guest of yours will remember the warmth and hospitality for long. Astonishing natural beauty, Georgian hospitality, delicious authentic cuisine – all this will become the best gift for all the participants.

Planing a non-standard event?

When you need fully customised event, just let us know as early as possible. We will help you get better understanding about timelines, budget and run over all small details, to make sure you have been taking care of.