Tour “Genatsvale”

In our time, in the age of high speeds and endless busyness, it is not easy to find your second half, and just enrich the circle with interesting like-minded people. Believe it or not, we know how to solve this problem!

Those who want to have a rest for the soul, enjoy the feeling of peace and reckless fun at the same time, and, quite possibly, meet  “your” person! We offer you the tour “Love with an accent” (for  single people).

During 6 days, you have immersed yourself in an inebriant environment of joy, love and romance. Where not only the Aragvi and Kura rivers merge   embracing like “two sisters”, but also Europe and Asia, where fiction and reality entwine in the stunning architecture and beauty of nature, where the national color, cuisine, wine, hospitality, music and history create an unforgettable aura that can change your whole life. Don’t miss your chance!

We will send a detailed program of the tour, including the tour cost to your e-mail. Write your requests to