SPA tour

Spring is a time for renewal! It’s time to shake off dust and winter Blues, get rid of toxins accumulated in the body, and at the same time some extra pounds! If you were just thinking about fasting and enema – relax:). The thing  we came up with @Happylates, you will like a lot more, that’s for sure!

We invite you to Georgia’s balneological resort of Borjomi, located in the middle of the Caucasus mountains covered with deciduous and coniferous forests. This is a unique place with clean mountain air, rich aroma of woods, and healing springs with live Borjomi water!

And if the clean air and the springs themselves work wonders, imagine what will happen if we add Pilates and antigravity, SPA treatments and the luxury of a 5-star hotel to this? We would venture to guess that you will want to stay there forever! Yes, and us too:).

An important detail: we will get all this luxury at the best prices available this season only! The thing is that a brand new hotel Crowne Plaza was opened in Borjomi, so we were in the right place at the right time!:)

And now a few things about what the program has for you!



There is nothing better to relieve stress and decompress spine than to hang slightly upside down in spider-man’s pose:). We will hang, fly, stretch, strengthen muscles and rejoice like children! We will do all this in a cozy Studio at Crowne Plaza Hotel (we will publish photo of the studio below). And antigravity and Pilates training will be provided by Elena Isayeva, acertified coach and the Happylates project’s author.


Balls, ribbons and your own weight – that’s an asrsenal that you can take with you anywhere! We are sure – even if you are not a big fan of fitness in general and pilates in particular, you’ll love pilates with Elena! It’s so cool, pleasant and not boring at all!

Besides the healing effect,  classes of Pilates provide a huge boost of energy and improve your mood! Your body will feel really alive and happy:).

Read reviews about Elena’s training here:


Sauna, anti-stress massage, wraps, aqua-mineral therapy and facial treatments – all this awaits you in the luxurious Spa salon of the Crowne PLaza hotel. You can take a room, including a SPA package, or choose what you like most.


Since most of the time we will bask in the SPA, hang in hammocks, swim in the pool and do other useful and very pleasant things, we decided not to overload this trip with excursions.

But you’ll come to Georgia and won’t walk around Tbilisi? It’s impossible! Therefore, on the day of arrival we will stop in Tbilisi and go to a unwearying city tour, which will end with a luxurious dinner in a restaurant.

And 2 more places that can not be missed, when you come to Georgia -Jvari Monastery and the ancient city of Mtskheta. We will go there on the morning of the 27th, and in the afternoon we will transfer to Borjomi.

Add yourself to the event, here we will publish photos of the hotel, Borjomi, and a detailed program of the tour for each day.