Vintage Tbilisi tour

Walk  called “Vintage Tbilisi” takes you away from beaten paths and banal sights.  

Walk Duration:

4-5 hours



You will see  piano nobiles, small courtyards, paved streets -streams filled with history and facts, legends and speculation, textures and shadows, poetry of things and prose of everyday life.


🌀 Freedom Square-a short insight into the history and geography of Tbilisi

🌀 Walk along Leselidze street and colorful Erecle II street – a story about shopping and prices, things to bring from Georgia, where to buy and what to try

🌀 Legendary theater of Rezo Gabriadze, a small puppet show at 12: 00 p.m.

🌀 Bridge of Peace, city overview, main locations.

🌀 Walk to sulphur baths and legendary Orbelian bath.

🌀 You will dive into the interlacing streets of old Tbilisi and learn about the city architecture. 

🌀 Famous PUR-PUR cafe and a short tea break.

🌀 Dukhan “Racha”, where Pirosmani lived, and where we will stop for a portion of famous khinkali with jonjoli snack.

🌀 The famous piano nobile of kalantarov’s House. 

🌀 Visit to he House of writers.

🌀 Tbilisi mutual credit society, and what’s that got to do with Stalin?