What we do

I’m Ilvira. I was born in sunny Tashkent and love everything warm and tender.
I graduated from the financial academy in Russia. I had worked in the banking sector for a long time, and later I was transferred to Moscow. I love Moscow for incredible energy and dynamism. This was unforgettable time and supreme experience. That is when I realized that I love communicating with people and being useful for them.
Then I met my husband. He is Georgian. That’s why I living in cozy Tbilisi now. I remember that day when I saw Georgia for the first time, this country stole my heart. As one famous writer said «It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight».
Georgia is a place for a measured life and love. After 5 years, our daughter Melania was born, and my maternity leave began. My husband had no business in Moscow, and Milasha (how we call our daughter) and I dreamed of the sun.
Then we decided to move to Tbilisi, but not immediately. I faced the challenge – what will I do in Georgia?
I’m very active, as I know that movement is life. I looked around and saw: one of my friends trained for Pilates and anti-gravity instructor, and opened a studio; another one took up kindergarten, and her project proved successful. It is hard to start your own business when you have corporate background.
One should have motivation. My motivation is to communicate with people. Oh, I had an idea – I can do interesting tours! I have been making them so different for two years. We have formed an excellent team of guides, drivers, photographers and musicians. The best hotels are our regular and trusted partners.
Fortunately, in Georgia you can realize your craziest ideas. We organized business tours and romantic weddings, extreme trips and hen-parties with kitchen master classes with shopping.
And we have lots of ideas! Surely, the project could slow down and hardly grow without our brilliant team. We are now doing good and we made it!
We meet our guests and show them Georgia the way we see it – sincere, endowed with generous nature, cultural heritage, history, beautiful traditions, stunning cuisine and loud feast!
Send us your inquiries, wishes, questions, arrival dates. You can rely on us. We will make your holiday magic and make your dream come true!
We’ll work with you to match your travel interests and your lifestyle with the vacation of your dreams. We’re looking forward to making your next trip a memorable and enjoyable one!
Write us – contact us: mylovelygeorgia@gmail.com

Country of mountains and sun

inspires us and supports every day

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Our values

Our company follows the key value which is the highest level of customer satisfaction.


There as many conceptions and tastes as there are people. That is the reason why we are always search for a individual solutions for our customers.


We think it is better not to do rather then do with low quality. Quality – is our guiding star in the sea of tourism business.


We really love Georgia and it loves us back. There would be no company without love.

Our team
We are excited people, united by one interest – to show Georgia to the maximum number of people, Georgia we fell in love with.
Our team unites certified guides, customer service managers, tour development managers, booking managers and drivers. Every employee of ours – is a professional proven by time having an advantage – love to the company and the country.
Doing business with us will guaranty high level of services, loyalty and permanent care.
I adore my job – be a missioner of love to this wonderful country!
Ilvira, CEO & Founder
In life and in my job I strive to quality and individuality. This helps in creating the best tours in my lovely Georgia.
Tamara, Tours development manager
I live in Georgia for 25 years. My love grows continuously the same like in the first days of our acquaintance.
Olga, Certified guide
I will talk with Bunin’s words: 3 things are making one happy: love, interesting job and traveling.
Irina, Certified guide